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What do they have to say about Damn Dice?

Check it out for yourselves…


4/5 – “Incredibly strong debut album!”
Clare Huckett – Black Velvet Magazine

“Hell of a job!”
Andy – Heavy Metal Time Machine

7/10 – “Extremely potent!’
James Weaver – Distorted Sound

“Damn, you’re good !”
Beau Hill (Producer – Warrant, Ratt, Europe, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, etc)

“Hot band”
Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe)

“Great band. Kick ass.”
Stacey Blades (Ex- L.A. Guns)

“Sounds awesome”
Tchad Drats (Ex- Pretty Boy Floyd)

“Wow… Great band! Superb!”
Chris Walker – Heavier Than Metal Radio Show

“DAMN DICE’s debut EP, “Wild’N’Ready”, is like a punch in the balls from a spiked glove!”
Rob Evans – Classic Rock AOR Magazine

“DAMN DICE shake it all about with a burning dynamite stick’s worth of treat!”
Steven Reid – Fireworks Magazine

4/5 – “Fired up and fists pumping, DAMN DICE are a band to be reckoned with.”
Clare Huckett – Black Velvet Magazine

7/10 – “Clean and technical vocals.”
Matt Stevenson – Powerplay Magazine

“High-energy catchy tunes with strong vocals” – “Awesome shredding guitar solos”
Joanna Rockcliffe – Music Week Magazine

“The band is top-notch” – “Ballsy blast of high energy rock ”
Andy Miller – Sleaze Roxx

“Damn Nice … Damn Cool … Damn Impressive … That is DAMN DICE!”
Noizebleedz – Live at The Camden Underworld w/ Tigertailz

5/5 – “WILD ‘N’ Ready” EP is an eargasm waiting to happen!”
Matthew Caiazzo – Krashcity Magazine

“Damn Dice make the kind of sound, you cannot not notice!”
Elizabeth Clarke – Kewel World

“Big fist-pounding anthem vocals”, “Guitar riffing and a thunderous drum track”
Glitter 2 Gutter

8/10 – “Outstanding vocals, great guitar work, powerful drums, and well-composed songs!”
Jesper Callesen – Calles Rock Corner

“Huge riffs, solos, backbeat and strong soaring vocals”
Andy – New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Blog

10/10 – “Energetic whirlwind of rock and roll” – “Absolute banger” – “Facemelting guitar solo”
Lee Beevers – Sputnik Music

9/10 – “DAMN DICE are loud and exciting, and this is one of the best debuts of the year!”
Matt Karpe – Hardrock Haven

9/10 – “This EP is nothing but awesome!”
Damn Good Reviews

10/10 – “Unique sounding lead vocal” – “Full of wonderful songs”
Glenn Milligan – Metaliville

“Anthemic chants” – “Flashy guitar solos” – “Extremely tight performances
Matt Baggins – Two Metal Guys Reviews

“It’s quality Hard Rock!” – “You should be paying attention to these guys!”
Iain Purdie – The Moshville Times

“This is a band that could really explode!”
Andy – Heavy Metal Time Machine

“They’re pretty darn good!”
Dangerdog Music Reviews

“This is ass kicking fun!”
Peter – Your Music Blog

“High-pitched vocals and epic guitar solos!”
Laurent C. – Veglam

“Shrieking vocals, guitar wankery… Now this is the good stuff! !”
Allyson Crawford – Bring back Glam

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